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My Face Aesthetic Clinic specialise's in skin rejuvenation and provides free consultations. Treatments range from non-invasive options, Laser, through to surgical procedures across the North West.
Skin Rejuvenation Treatments
Bolton's best clinic for Anti-wrinkle injections volumising treatments like Dermal FillersAcne treatmentProfhiloSkin tighteningCoolsculpting and more, performed by an award-winning specialist.
SKIN Conditions
All people like to have their best skin in a flawless condition but sometimes its a challenge when you’re coping with acne, hollows, bumps, wrinkles, skin tags and more. We can help with a wide range of skin conditions.
Karen Bates rejuvenation treatments specialising in the use of botox and fillers
Rejuvenation and a lot of more...
Karen Bates an Independent Nurse Practitioner specialising in non-surgical rejuvenation treatments & Nurse Consultant for Cosmetic Surgery. Recently I have been working in a Clinic on Harley Street & have over 25 years of experience within the field of Plastic Surgery.
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Medical Treatments You Can Trust

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Something we are incredibly strict on at the Bolton clinic is that only medical professionals are able to inject botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. The clinic use's the authentic, branded antii-wrinkle treatment products and leading dermal fillers ensuring absolute product quality and safety for our patients

Free Cosmetic Consultations

Free consultation with highly experienced surgical (plastic surgery consultants) and non surgical professional practitioners. From the moment you meet us we aim to make you feel comfortable & relaxed in our new clinic in Bolton.

Bolton Laser Clinic

We work alongside one of the worlds leading medical laser companies - Cutera. The multi-application platform we have enables us to treat a broad range of aesthetic and medical conditions covering virtually any skin type and body location, from large body areas to delicate facial details

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Medical Treatments You Can Trust


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